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Forgive me if I’m out of line, but I’ve always thought that as a coach your first priority is to teach. Not far behind though is your priority as a role model and protector. Why do you think Mike McQueary ran to Joe Paterno for guidance on how to handle this? Joe the great man, Joe the moral icon, Joe the perennial father figure..

At away games, the movie camera would many times be set up on top of the school bus which transported the players to the game. Every Monday afternoon before practice, we would sit in the team locker room and watch tape of the previous game. Many times coach would stop and replay the tape showing the mistakes which were made in executing certain plays.

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Over the next 15 years, Lydia Harris visited Michael every weekend as he made the rounds from the Federal Detention Center in downtown LA to San Quentin to Pelican Bay to Tehachapi to Lancaster to Soledad and back to San Quentin. They were married inside Lancaster State Prison by the same judge who had sentenced Harry O to prison. In 1994, the couple conceived their daughter during a conjugal visit..

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