Experienced attorneys who understand how to help you will be able to preserve the most assets and eliminate the most debt. You can and will be able to rebuild your credit and free yourself from harassing debt collectors.
Employment and Labor laws have become increasingly complex and stringent. Both employee and employer must be very cautious in these turbulent, economic times where working conditions may not always be favorable to either party.
Personal Injury is an area of practice that is widely and commonly offered by law firms. However, miscommunication between attorney and client can be very damaging to the case.
One misfiling and an individual can be denied entry or stay in
the United States indefinitely. We are one of the very few firms that offer a refund of fees, for a failed effort in many of our immigration services.
There are many issues that families sometimes cannot
resolve on their own. From divorce to child custody, our experienced attorneys can help families through challenging times.
Business Law requires in depth knowledge about business contracts, practices, structure and operations. The attorneys
and consultants at Chen & Lee have owned and operated businesses in many different industries.