We need to make the defensive plays that we didn’t

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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax threw his first no hitter. He wound up becoming the first hurler to pitch four of them. It still almost unbelievable to think Nolan Ryan had seven in his 27 year career Happy 55th birthday to former OLNHLT defenceman Steve Duchesne Exactly 38 years ago New Jersey NHL franchise was named the Devils, by fan balloting, after the legend of the Jersey Devil, a creature that allegedly inhabited the Pine Barrens of South Jersey.

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Then, none of the players wore any helmets, no face shields, no cages, so there was no protection on your face. There was a slapshot, and I on the ice in front of the net. A ricochet came up and the puck struck me in the eye. That team. We need to make the defensive plays that we didn’t make. We need to shut down their momentum.

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