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Under Phase 3 of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s plan for reviving the pandemic stifled economy, groups of as many as 250 people are allowed to gather. Restaurants and other nonessential businesses can operate at full capacity with physical distancing measures in place while swimming pools and gyms can function at 75percent capacity with restrictions in place..

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cheap nba Jerseys china Praises Staff for Completing Over 500 Constituent Unemployment Cases during Covid 19 CrisisSenator also organizes food drives, senior wellness calls, small business assistance and PPE deliveries to first respondersWith the reopening of his Albany and two district offices today,New York State Senator Pete Harckham expressed his gratitude and appreciation to his staff for accomplishing so much while working remotely during the new coronavirus pandemic.Earlier this week, Harckham’s office surpassed its 500th completed constituent unemployment insurance case since pandemic caused the state to shut down in March. In total, there have been 650 completed casework files since March. Normally, Harckham’s office handles about 30 casework files in total each month.Along with helping 40th Senate District residents and others register for unemployment claims with the state Department of Labor, Harckham and his staff worked to help small business owners file for state and federal economic recovery loan programs.Harckham has also organized food drives, senior wellness calls and deliveries of personal protective equipment (PPE) to first responders in order to mitigate the devastation caused by Covid 19.”It was apparent from the start of the pandemic that a lot needed to be done, and that many folks were going to need as much help as possible,” said Harckham cheap nba Jerseys china.