These 12 teams would play 74 games each

“Writing non fiction is about finding patterns, meaning and metaphor,” she said. “You have to decide, what does the personal say about the universal?” The question of what to include and leave out from her personal experience was a central challenge to writing “Splitopia.” One student asked if the writing about her divorce was therapeutic for Paris. She replied that it intensified the experience, for good and bad.

Your risk of fracture depends, in part, on your age. Broken bones are very common in childhood, although children’s fractures are generally less complicated than fractures in adults. As you age, your bones become more brittle and you are more likely to suffer fractures from falls that would not occur when you were young..

Caregivers are too often overlooked, even though they may have been in crisis since their loved one’s initial diagnosis. Caregivers face additional emotional stresses, often made worse in the face of financial, employment and sometimes legal challenges. Post traumatic stress is not uncommon, nor are unique challenges like loss of fertility or the extreme strain faced by parents of pediatric cancer patients..

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