The solution sounds simple but it isn’t

My father enjoyed the liberal, collegiate environment, and my mother managed to steer him away from the orgies. Rather than dwelling as a bitter left winger in a conservative neighborhood, my father became a happy radical Berkeley professor. Rather than dying in a psychiatric ward, my mother continued her social work career by helping the mentally ill.

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One way to thank Mother Earth for all she does is to make her healthier. Plant a tree to provide shade, reduce soil runoff, and provide the oxygen we need to live. Go to a local park, woods, or stream and clean up the garbage that others have carelessly thrown away.

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So we challenged ourselves to find 100 incredible trips and activities within these protected spaces. From hiking across the 3,500 acre Goblin Valley State Park in Utah to digging for clams in South Carolina’s shellfish grounds to floating through the Ozarks on Eleven Point River, these adventures highlight just how massive and disparate this land is. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.