The percentage increases with age

Estimates suggest that 25% or more of individuals with Down syndrome over age 35 show the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s type dementia. The percentage increases with age. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome is estimated to be three to five times greater than that of the general population..

(Morry Gash/AP)The Milwaukee Brewers finally held their home opener Monday night, the third day of August either 130 days late or three days late, depending on whether your reference point is the original, pre pandemic, 162 game schedule (March 26) or the truncated, 60 game one (July 31) that, in the age of the novel coronavirus, serves more as a rough draft than an etched in stone document.It didn’t go well. After a four day layoff, the result of an outbreak among the St. Louis Cardinals that forced the postponement of the teams’ weekend series, the rusty Brewers also playing for the first time without all star center fielder Lorenzo Cain, who opted out in the wake of the Cardinals news blew a two run lead in the late innings and lost to the Chicago White Sox.Total attendance, as in every game this season: zero.In moments such as those, and in countless others across a sport teetering on the edge of crisis in its efforts to persist amid a global pandemic, it is difficult not to conclude the virus is winning, and every game played this season is simply staving off the inevitable decision to pull the plug once its assertion of dominance is complete.”This virus is an incredible, difficult opponent,” Brewers Manager Craig Counsell said on a video conference with reporters, with a tone of resignation familiar to anyone struggling to adapt to the new reality.

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