The EPC will respect the “individual decisions that

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wholesale nfl jerseys 24) and cross country (Sept. 4) have remained the same.The EPC’s Board of Principals voted unanimously for the changes (18 0) on Tuesday, according to the release, which came from conference President Nathan Davidson (principal of Whitehall High School) and Vice President Fred Harris (athletic director at Liberty).”The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference believes that athletic competition is an integral part of the educational process and therefore recommends the following approach as we enter the tiered phases of re opening our athletic programs within our conference,” the board said in a statement.This, obviously, means massive changes to all fall schedules and a big shakeup for football.League scheduling will go by the following format:Cross country: Five meets total (county division only, home and away).Boys and girls soccer, golf, field hockey, girls tennis: 10 games/matches total (county division only, home and away).Girls volleyball: 11 matches total (10 in county, home and away; plus one seeded match).Football: Five games total (Weeks 1 5 in county division).The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association requires three weeks of full fledged practice prior to the start of competition in the fall contact sports and volleyball.The EPC will respect the “individual decisions that are made by our member schools,” according to the release, and will also follow the mandates of the state and PIAA.The PIAA issued a statement last week saying that schools, leagues and conferences could adopt alternative timetables for the return of scholastic sports. News broke shortly after that the EPC would push back its schedules at the behest of school district administrators.”(The) plan outlines a tiered delay for fall sports which affords our schools the opportunity to open safely and permits student athletes to continue to participate and compete in their respective sports,” the EPC statement says.The Colonial League is expected to meet on Wednesday morning to discuss the fate of its fall season.The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association has pushed back its fall start and made alterations to its postseason schedule wholesale nfl jerseys.