Studies conducted in France have shown that even

Mustard mix mustard or mustard powder with some honey and apply it to your face, leaving it on for about 15 minutes. Just rinse off afterwards. Mustard has a natural salicylic acid in it, to help in clearing up your skin. Studies conducted in France have shown that even under regulated conditions, antibiotic resistance was similar to the results produced under unregulated conditions. Studies in India have shown that many freshwater fish are exhibiting antibiotic resistant properties. In Nigeria, it has been proved that many of the street foods vended have pathogenic antibiotic resistant properties.

16. Siri launched to bring virtual assistance to the masses (2011)In October 2011, Apple unveiled iOS 11 along with Siri integration. Siri, which is a spin off from a project developed by SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center, emerged as the world’s first modern digital virtual assistant.

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