Social media, for one, has forced them to become

Gabe O’Connor has been a production assistant at All Things Considered since 2009. He’s a spokesman for gentle giants everywhere. Before joining the show, he was an associate producer at NPR’s Only A Game for eight years. “Amari was someone that we chased very hard all the way up to the very end, when he decided to return to Dallas,” Rivera said. “We were in it. We were talking about a substantial amount of money.

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The players cite a number of reasons for this renewed interest in broader causes. Social media, for one, has forced them to become more aware of the world around them, ensuring that even the tight bubble of the locker room is punctured by the latest viral police shooting. Kind of crazy to imagine how we used to find out information, Paul tells TIME.

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You better bring an appetite if you plan to court votes in South Carolina. And not any namby pamby taste for sprouts and watercress. We’re talking greasy fare, like you might find at The Beacon Drive In in Spartanburg. But it anyone best guess as to what the hell the song is about! this problem in mind, Leaf reached out to others who could help him solve what some have called the seminal problem of our generation. One of those members was Becky Tau of the sociology department. Tau spoke about the process of decoding..

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