PennCrest was 5 0 in elimination games this postseason

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wholesale jerseys from china PennCrest Bank won the 2020 Altoona Teener Major League title. Team members include (from left): First row Derek Clapper, Rocky Dennis, Kaleb Mountain, Tyson Bridenbaugh, Wyatt Young, Landon Minnoia. Back row Coach Bill Young, coach Brian Clapper, Reese Evans, Ryan Hopkins, Carson Kensinger, Connor Blough, Tyler Helsel, Justin Fleck, coach Jon Fleck, coach Chris Blough.PennCrest became an expert at mastering the elimination game through its three playoff series, capping off its run with a 2 1 victory over Professionals Auto Body Cheap Jerseys china in Tuesday night decisive Game 3 championship series showdown for the league title at Seitz Field.PennCrest was 5 0 in elimination games this postseason, which was a testament to the team intestinal fortitude as well as its collective talent and ability.was our fifth elimination game, and we won them all, first year PennCrest manager Jon Fleck said. wholesale jerseys from china

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