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Big contracts. But it like, dude, you don know anything about running a team. There a cap. It the first Boston Toronto playoff series since 1974 when the Bruins, who eventually lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup final, swept the Leafs in the first round! Neither team has been doing well lately has lost seven of nine outings and Toronto has lost four of their last six games; they were outshot 213 135 and were outscored 20 15. In the West, Detroit extended its franchise record postseason streak to 22 and closed well enough to avoid a first round matchup with Chicago to move into a winnable series against Anaheim. The Blackhawks will open against the Wild..

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And so what we have to do is be ready so that if everything works out we could go ahead and play. So I reasonably hopeful, but nothing 100 per cent in this world. Asked what the biggest concern is for the players at this point, Fehr said: most important thing, obviously, is their own health and safety.

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wholesale nba jerseys A result of COVID 19, Air Canada reported a net loss of $1.05 billion in the first quarter of 2020, including a net cash burn in March of $688 million. The carrier has undertaken a range of structural changes, including significant cost savings and liquidity measures, of which today announced service suspensions form part. Of the other cost saving measures include a workforce reduction of approximately 20,000 employees representing more than half of its staff achieved through layoffs, severances, early retirements and special leaves as well as a company wide cost reduction and capital deferral program that has to date identified about $1.1 billion in savings, a reduction of its system wide capacity by approximately 85 per cent in the second quarter compared to one year ago and an expected third quarter capacity reduction of at least 75 per cent from the previous year, the permanent removal of 79 aircraft from its mainline and Rouge fleets, and raising approximatively $5.5 billion in liquidity since March 13 through a series of debt, aircraft and equity financings wholesale nba jerseys.