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They were worried about having a boiled egg for breakfast on Fridays, when we all lined up and got weighed by the principal of our school, then it was posted publicly. She thought she was doing us a favor. I developed a weight problem. If you are living in Ikorodu and working in places around Victoria Island, you probably already enjoy a regular boat ride to and fro every day. But if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should. Apart from escaping so much traffic, treat yourself to the scenic view of the Lagos mainland while taking in the coastal breeze.

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Dividend Board has recommended a dividend of 1.70% for the financial year 2014 on the paid up capital, amounting toRs. 8.34 crore for declaration by shareholders. Foreign Exchange Earnings/Outgo The foreign exchange earnings by way of trade margins during the year was The foreign exchange outgo byway of imports and other expenses amounted to Rs.17.60 crore.

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