Here is the updated passage in our style guide:Black:

Dom za stare Bathing room Basic safety To get Older personsThe key matter within elderly people serious about maturing in position could be the security. It is important for individuals when parents to examine safety alterations to enhance the safety with every place that they can workout on. Lavatory safety is so very important.

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“We stopped teaching people to do crunches a long, long time ago,” says Dr. Richard Guyer, president of the Texas Back Institute. This is due to the “full flex” movement. We had been screaming for so long and no one listened. Finally someone listened. Finally.”Hussain Turk, who represents Dean’s sisters, previously told The Daily Beast, “The reason why we believe police did nothing with these reports is because of the races and sexual orientations of the victims they’re black, gay, homeless, and people who are the most vulnerable of our society.

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