Consider the following, in order from least to most

The fuss over the captaincy is a uniquely English trait, with clubs on the continent often going with the most experienced player.This season has been a struggle at times though for the Blues. The defence of their Premier League title has long been over and there been a feeling that the squad needs a fresh injection of ideas and energy this summer.Read MoreThe Man City wonderkids who failed to fulfil their potentialThat could come in the transfer market, or it could come with the appointment of a captain with new ideas. If Guardiola lets his squad decide they may well go with the next man in line, in Fernandinho, who has again worn the armband on dozens of occasions and has plenty of experience at the club.This time Guardiola should make the decision himself, however.

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You could look to finance some of your expenses to help cover rent by, say, opening up a low interest credit card. But without sufficient income or good credit (typically a FICO score of at least 690), you may be left with only high interest financing options. Consider the following, in order from least to most expensive:.

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But every day brings a different set of complications, and another round of conference calls to figure out what it means for agents. Gross tries to lighten morale by posting jokes or home project related memes to his Facebook page “trying to think of a way to give somebody a laugh, because there wasn’t much to laugh about,” he said. “And there’s not going to be for a little while.”.

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