But remember that linear trajectories are rare and

SM: No plans right now to have Tony involved. I think Tony wants to play golf more than commentate on golf. But no, there’s nothing in Tony’s deal that talks about him doing golf, and we actually have not had a conversation with him about that, so I would not expect to see that during the term of this deal..

An American sportswoman that has a strong interest in football in Canada thinks the Buffalo Bills, could find a future home in Niagara Falls, Ontario when current owner Ralph Wilson passes away and the franchise is auctioned off.Christina Saint Marche, who made separate pitches to buy the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts last decade, created the Wally Buono Award, given out annually since 2003, to the top Canadian junior football player. Below are opening comments from senior member: Buffalo66 Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, like many former Buffalo Bills, would hate to see the NFL franchise move permanently to Toronto. But.But how about moving closer to Toronto, instead?think it would make sense, said Kelly, who joined ex Bills Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker and Oakville native Steve Christie at a well attended kickoff rally at Dundas Square last night.done my homework.

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