And where it truly matters most is in the win column

Related: Here’s another sign that shoppers spent big this holiday seasonDespite the strong holiday season, the year did see nearly 7,000 store closings, a record level that more than tripled the number of closings the year before. The sector shed 66,500 jobs during the year, far more jobs than any other industry. Bankruptcies were up 30% from 2016..

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Well, speaking of finding true love, today dating scene for all you “real singles” out there is tough. Especially if you heartbroken over your last relatioship and al you want is to get your ex back. The popularity of finding someone over the internet continues to grow due to the nature of our hectic lifestyles.

If you have a pre existing health condition, you may find that you are not covered for treatment on your single trip travel insurance policy. Insurers usually ask you whether you have a pre existing condition, so always be honest if you do. If you are unsure whether what you have is actually a pre existing condition, speak to someone at the insurance company to ask them.

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