And when the food came I felt pretty confident

Fish, poultry, brown rice, steamed vegetables, salads and fruit or low fat yogurt are ideal. Avoid fattening desserts and if you must curb a sweet tooth there are low calorie alternatives to ice cream available at the supermarket. Watch what you choose though and think health first, not just the number on the scale..

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A more practical application of cy pres for our region and our times would involve gifts made in our wills to our churches or to our schools. Someone will might provide that $10,000 should be paid for the upkeep of the Saint whomever Christian Church on Oak Street. However, by the time the person dies, that church may no longer exist, physically or as a congregation/parish..

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Cats are carnivores by nature and eat a ton of meat. Giving them plants and plant based diets is about as wrong as asking a horse to eat meat. Umpteen digestive issues, as well as problems with their kidneys and blood sugar, result when you don feed your cat a diet high in meat and preferably raw meat..

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