And there still will be a defending champ

Big Pharma would have you believe their super duper potion or cream or latest wipe or swipe will cure your unsightly acne by the time you rise from bed the next morning and you will be so popular all the girls or the boys at school will be falling madly in love with you, is just not true. Big Pharma has an interest in your to be sure. But that interest starts and stops at your wallet..

As long as there is a baseball season at some point in 2020, there still will be an Opening Day. There still will be a built in villain, wearing an Astros uniform, and there still will be a Gerrit Cole sighting in pinstripes. And there still will be a defending champ, raising the banner over Nationals Park..

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Extensive research has been done, and the results where staggering. Synthetic trans fats increases unhealthy LDL, and lowers healthy HDL. These trans fats should be avoided as they are sythetic, and only cause complications in your body. I never had to take the keys out or lock the doors because nobody was getting near that truck but me. As I was driving down the road I would talk to Thor about stuff that was bothering me. I could talk to him about anything.

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