A longtime friend of mine in South Jersey roots for

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It has been many years since any one of us has seen our football and basketball teams take it all the way. Then again the more I reflect on these things the more I realize that’s it’s not about our jersey’s, or even the game to some extent. It’s just nice to meet up with old friends and introduce our sons to tradition..

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cheap nba Jerseys from china THEY ALL WANT TO BE A CELEBRITY. HOW WOULD SCOTTY BOWMAN COACH THIS TEAM? tHE ANSWER IS BETTER. MAYBE I WILL EAT THESE WORDS BUT BB NEEDS TO GO. A longtime friend of mine in South Jersey roots for both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Miami Dolphins (despite his completely bogus allegiances, we remain pals somehow). When we went to a Flyers game against the Pens at the Wells Fargo Center last season, I wore my Bernie Parent throwback. My buddy didn’t have a single stitch nba cheap jerseys of Pittsburgh apparel no hat, no t shirt, not even some Sid Crosby boxers. cheap nba Jerseys from china

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