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In the past twenty five years, documentarian and photograph Lauren Greenfield has been documenting this profound shift in culture, as the vapid materialism of the plutocracy has trickled down to the rest of us. Greenfield, who was once named foremost visual chronicler of the plutocracy by the New York Times, is an Emmy award winning filmmaker and photographer. Greenfield has experience documenting the lifestyles of the rich and (in)famous: her much lauded 2012 documentary, “The Queen of Versailles,” followed the billionaire Siegel family during their quest to build the largest house in the United States.

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The IVF procedure is altered according to each patient owing to her medical history, sexual history and multiple other factors. Thus, the time for which you will be given the fertility hormone injections will purely be decided by the IVF protocol that is followed for you. IVF Specialists in Delhi say that in most cases, the injections are administered for a period of 7 to 10 days.

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