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You have 45 days, you might want to take 40 of those days to make sure your own team is prepared, Dave Tippett said following a conference call with his coaching staff, as NHL players approved the concept of a 24 team Stanley Cup playoffs, subject to agreement on dozens of other details. You have a defined opponent coming up. But from the way that things ended and how long its been, our focus is going to be on our team preparing to get our team ready to go again.

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It’s always easier to round people up if they don’t shoot back, you see. An armed population is much more difficult to subject to genocide because they have the pesky problem of causing kinetic action to take place. Far from being a bunch of gun nuts, these folks are scholars of history who fully realize that if the Jews in the late 1930’s hadn’t given up their guns under Hitler’s gun control agenda, they would have been able to assemble a far more effective resistance against government tyranny.The French Resistance, of course, kept their guns.

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