The move is a pilot test for other regions planning

Today PaperWestern Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge has described having to stand down staff, including premiership hero Dale Morris, to slash costs in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic as among the most challenging episodes of his life. The club resumed training this week without development coach Morris and midfield assistants Joel Corey and Jordan Russell, who were all let go following the enforced shutdown of the AFL. Morris retired last year as one of the club most revered players, lauded for his grit and determination, including famously playing with a broken back during the Bulldogs unlikely 2016 finals run.

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canada goose uk outlet Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong.The remarkable thing about the latest social distancing regulations, business closures, and restrictions on elective surgery is they are not as far reaching as many people expected.Such apprehension was understandable given a surge in new coronavirus cases, especially in NSW, and a, in some cases belated, community awareness of how serious the crisis has become.While, on the one hand, it is good a majority of Australians have got the message, it is important government policy is driven by expert medical advice, not public opinion. This is not the time to be running the country on the basis of focus groups and opinion polls.When the Prime Minister, and the chief medical officer, say decisions to keep schools open for now, and to hold off on closing down everything but supermarkets, doctors surgeries and chemists is based on the medical advice, that should be respected.The challenge has always been to strike a tradeoff between keeping our society functioning while protecting the lives of the most vulnerable. If the government fails to do the first it won’t be able to do the second.The eruption of massive queues of the newly unemployed outside Centrelink Offices since Monday is proof these decisions have devastating consequences.It is understandable Mr Morrison, and the national cabinet, think long and hard about new initiatives that will inflict further pain. canada goose uk outlet canada goose uk shop Most of our customers use our tool because it has a very simple interface. One thing that also plays a big role is the likability of the brand. People seem to like it and are willing to pay money for its mission. The Caribbean, known for its palm fringed beaches, turquoise water and colonial towns, is the most tourism dependent region in the world. The move is a pilot test for other regions planning to restart tourism after pandemic induced lockdowns. Virgin Islands and St. canada goose uk shop

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