The Blues beat the Wild 6 3 a week ago in their

The pre prom gatherings used to be for picture taking. Now in many circles they are sophisticated cocktail parties, allegedly without alcohol, but we all know that is often not totally true. Even if parents are adamant about an alcohol free gathering, most students are pretty clever in finding a creative way around it..

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That it. It does not get any easier than that. One entry per student is allowed.. 10. Toronto Maple Leafs: There’s no denying that the Leafs end of season run last year was impressive, but to consider them a playoff team because of a couple of months of solid play wouldn’t be realistic. The Leafs season is one big IF.

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Former Wild head coach Mike Yeo brought his Blues back to Minnesota for the first time since St. Louis eliminated the Wild in five games in the first round of the playoffs last spring. The Blues beat the Wild 6 3 a week ago in their first meeting this season in St.

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