No matter how your existing customers found you

If you’ve been in business for a long time and haven’t changed your marketing methods over the years, look closely and the marketing methods that involve the Internet and digital marketing. No matter how your existing customers found you, businesses and consumers today regularly turn to digital media to gather information about their needs and research service providers before deciding which service provider they’ll use. You want them to find your company..

Guzmn and Ibarra said they named their watering hole Barra (the Spanish word for “bar”) as a tribute to the Latin American community in Boston. It also highlights the space’s focus on spirits, particularly agave based liquors including mezcal, tuxca, raicilla, and sotol, a floral spirit that’s growing in popularity. Ibarra said that she sourced spirits from across Mexico to be used in both pairings, where liquor is served with small snacks like citrus dusted in flavored salt or cubes of cheese and guava paste, as well as classic cocktails given a twist.

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