Mikey already had a chance to fight Easter Jr

Just think Coach Belichick does a great job of literally always putting the pressure on us so that when we get in pressure situations we can always come out and we can play our best football, when a lot of teams don play their best football in pressure situations. Patriots have become the benchmark in this NFL, a dynasty in an era that promotes competitive balance. No one team is supposed to have the type of success the Patriots have established in the salary cap era.

Mikey still wouldn have faced IBF lightweight champion Robert Easter Jr., who is arguably the best fighter in the weight class. Mikey already had a chance to fight Easter Jr., but he chose not to. Now he talking about wanting to take the lesser threat in Linares in a fight in the summer.

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I would like to see an upgrade on the defensive line first. I think running backs in this draft are deep, but I would understand completely if TT went Melvin Gordon to Todd Gurley in the first if they are still available. The sample size is large enough where it’s clear they are having issues.

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