“It’s a beautiful day and it’s a lovely day for rugby

“We tried to be where we needed to be. Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we didn Mr Cowie said. “We had fires all round us.” They first saw the flames on the crest of the hill overlooking their property just before six in the morning, as dawn broke.

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canada goose black friday sale The crowd announcer steered clear of the topic of this being the last match with the only mention being the occasional reminder to wash your hands. For the 80 minutes it seemed like everything was normal. The 47 14 win was the cherry on top that made it all the more sweeter.Before the game Mr Hancock savoured the moment.”It’s a beautiful day and it’s a lovely day for rugby and a little bit nervous about what the coronavirus is going to mean for the rest of the season, that’s probably what I am stressed about,” he said.”It’s not a cold Canberra night so we have a combination of playing the ‘Tahs, afternoon rugby, beautiful weather. canada goose black friday sale

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