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There are a few different admission costs to pay attention to because admission includes parking at the resort. It is $55 per vehicle to self park and $85 to valet park. Both include up to six activity wristbands, which include entrance to S’moresland and its activities, the Princess Express train ride, and the shows in the Enchanted Plaza.

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Central Wellington is probably the most “liberal” (in a MeFi sense) part of the country, but the weather and housing stock. Well. It is what it is. The game will take place on Saturday, 2 October, with the Giants hosting Nottingham Panthers in an Elite League match on the same weekend.”We are really looking forward to welcoming the Bruins over to Belfast to see our great city and to let our fans see one of the best teams in the world,” added Kelman.Boston have won five Stanley Cups in their team history and last season, the Bruins made it to the semi finals of the Stanley Cup play offs, eventually bowing out to the Philadelphia Flyers in the final match of their seven game series.Bruins forward Shawn Thornton told the Boston Herald: “It’ll be awesome. My mom is from Belfast. I’m excited about this.

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