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The store had a pizzeria inside for years, and it was once pretty popular among the late night student crowd. Meru wanted to try something different, so he and two friends Mohamed Solima and Rami Amer opened Syracuse Halal Gyro last April.They wanted to put their own spin on halal food (foods allowed under Islamic dietary laws) and liven up classic traditional dishes like chicken wings, burgers and cheesesteak sandwiches. He figured SU brings a lot of students here from New York City and Philadelphia who miss this type of food they get at home.Meru Patel, the owner of Syracuse Halal Gyro on Westcott Street, shaves the lamb meat from the spit for my gyro.

By noon on July 28, several thousand African Americans had begun to assemble at 59th Street. Crowds gathered along Fifth Avenue. Four men carrying drums began to slowly, solemnly play. Egypt has a wide array of hotels and guest houses due to the fact that several hundred thousand people taveling to Egypt every year. The tourism industry is flourishing and they cater to every class. From luxurious five star hotels to budget friendly hotels to honeymoon suites to family rooms.

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