Gather the fans to set the tone for the upcomng

The Rangers are becoming the new Diamondbacks with their six (six!!! Who needs six!!!) uniforms and needlessly complicated rebranding. This uniform redesign had the chance to be good, but all we really needed from the Rangers was them to pick a dang primary color. Red or blue, guys? That’s all we want to know.

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Park was named the day your mom was born, Max told them, ushering them into trolley No. 4. Has an ice skating rink, and sled riding hills, and in the center of the park is where you find our biggest Christmas tree! We sing carols and drink cocoa and play ice hockey every Christmas Eve.

River City actor Stephen Purdon understands how people can find it difficult to ask for help. He said: “Let’s face it, men are sometimes not the greatest talkers but just making that first ask can result in a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. People want to help.

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