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What happens next? If Scherff is tagged, what happens next is uncertain. The Redskins could meet Scherff’s demands on a contract extension, or they could offer him less than he wants and bank on him opting for financial security over the chance at striking gold. Scherff would have to choose whether to bet on himself to perform and remain healthy enough in 2020 to score the big deal.

Murray expressed his disenchantment following Sunday last minute loss to the Redskins, and who can blame him? Money doesn buy happiness when you leave the best offensive line for the one flailing in front of him, and when your new head coach sold you a bill of goods and has no idea how and when to use you. It on Kelly to fix this mess, because he made the bed by overhauling the roster to bring in his guys. The bloom is off the rose, and the burden of proof is now on Kelly to answer the growing belief that the league is on to him.

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