After all he opened more mines (sarcasm) I feel for

The Cubs kept him in the minors to start the 2015 season, calling him up to make his debut on April 17. That meant that Bryant accrued 171 days of MLB service in 2015, which doesn’t count as a full season. If they’d called him up one day earlier, he would have gotten to the magic 172 number, and been eligible for free agency after the 2020 season.

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Safe to say they hated it. Like, legitimately hated it. Baseball is now messing with in game strategy with a rule that, by some evaluations, might actually make games longer. Naficy didn’t know was that his patient, Ben Huber, is chairman of the NorthBay Healthcare Corporate Board. “I did wonder why he was visited by our hospital group president after surgery. But I really didn’t treat him differently than any other patient,” Dr.

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